Step 48 is missing what do i need to do!

I just got my cooktop layed tonight and in my instructions in step 7 it says “DO NOT FILL THE LOOSE JOINTS BETWEEN THE FIREBRICKS! You will do this on step 48.” Well i dont have a step 48. My directions end at step 44, so what are the steps i am missing and what do i fill the loose joints with? I will post pictures when i get the oven finished. Thanks

It’s not your eyes. There is no step 48. The instructions were revised because there is no need to fill the joints. Unfortunately there is still a reference to that step earlier in the booklet. Think of it as getting one step closer to finishing for free. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your build!

Hahaha awesome sounds great thanks. So the material list that says 5lbs of flour is also not needed i assume. Well at least till the oven is complete to make pizza dough!

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Yes, save the flour for the pantry. Or for that first batch of real pizza you bake after trying out the frozen test ones.

Great to hear from you again, Brian, and hoping you can share some photos when your build is done!