Stucco Repair Over Painted Stucco

Our pizza oven is 10 years old and used frequently. We have done maintenance every year by patching crack and repainting the stucco. Now it seems like our cold winter and sun has created larger cracks. We are not sure if we can stucco over the painted stucco or have to scrape everything off and start over? Could we tile over the painted stucco if we use a bonding agent? Looking for a simple but lasting solution. Stucco contractors are quoting $3500 to repair so hoping that’s not our only choice. Thanks

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So, I do need to ask first if this is a stucco shell applied more or less per the BWO directions; it would also be good to have a photo.

Neither post will cost you $3,500. (!) I can’t comment beyond that exclamation point before I see how large the cracks are, but that does seem like a JetSki, at least.

The generic answer is, no, you do not need to scrape off all the old paint, but you do need to clean the areas around the cracks very thoroughly, and make very sure your oven is protected from rain until you fix this. The stucco is protecting your insulation, and you want to avoid getting water in there to the greatest extent possible.

Stucco repair products are generally latex-based, and you want one that will bond flexibly to your existing product. If you have huge areas missing (like chunks), you can again clean and rough up the painted surfaces, then use ordinary Type “S” mortar to apply two layers as you did during the original build.

Again, this is generic advice. I’d really like to see a couple of photos to make sure I’m steering you in the right direction.

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Thank you so much for your response. I feel very relieved that we may be able to do this ourselves. Yes, we did apply all the layers per the BWO directions. I am attaching some photos. We just redid the brick arch on front as we had some issues with the old one. The very bottom area of wood storage is fine and we did that with more of a shmear stucco finish. The area below the brick shelf had some water damage behind it from the ledge so it was pretty easy to scrape off on three sides. The one picture shows the stucco around the seam of the floor and that stucco did not scrape off easily. The dome part shows some of the previous patches but there are not any huge cracks. It does sound kind of hollow when I tap on it so not sure if that is an indication that we got water inside the blanket? If it was a reaonsable approach, I would like to just clean it and do a shmear technique on the whole dome as it is easier to patch and doesn’t show as much. I can clean the surface with something like TSP but what do you recommend to rough up the surface? My son crawled on top of the pizza oven and took some more pictures of how stucco separated around chimney.
We are thinking we need to grind out those cracks and replace with high heat mortar before stucco but appreciate all your suggestions.

I’ve put up the flag for @BrickWood to take a look at these photos. I’m still of the opinion that this is a DIY project, but he can add some advice specific to the questions you have.

Hello Clarry Family!

I remember this oven - and the day we received your pics! Ahhh… The pre-Covid days.

Go ahead and give me a call and I will be more than happy to walk you through these EASY fixes!

I’ll send you my phone number on a private message.

And Thanks Matt for the Nudge!!!


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