Switched opening side

So I’m working on the barile grand pizza oven and decided to switch the opening side. Since I overbuilt the slab (surrounding back and 1 side with bar height concrete counter) I needed to cut the concrete slab to add the vermiculite mix… is it ok to cut the slab recess, and what is the minimum depth for the vermiculite mix? - 1”?

Hi FFW and welcome to the BrickWood forum!

This is kinda a new one on me, I confess!

If you built your insulated slab per specs (other than the modifications for the counter) you should have a 2-inch deep layer for insulation.

You can cut it that deep, but not much deeper, because you have rebar under that. I recommend that you get as close to 2 inches deep as you can, to avoid the concrete slab becoming a heat sink. (While heat energy rises in air, conduction will transfer heat energy from hot to cold.)

You will also need enough additional firebrick in the “herringbone” pattern to make up the difference, as it sounds like you will be shifting the oven footprint from where it was originally planned.

If I’m not understanding your question fully, please let me know with some clarifying details. Thanks!

Thanks, I read a bunch of other threads… I didn’t realize it was for a heat break to retain heat in the oven… I will cut it deeper. Thx.

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Got it! Thanks for the photo as well; they always help.

I’d really love if you could post photos along the way. We’re always interested when builders like you make modifications to the basic design. It does look like the “counter” you’re adding will be quite useful, and it would be great to see how that looks when finished.

Thanks and good luck with your build.