Temperature Gauge for Smoking — Recommendations?

Hi everyone. Well i started the build and it is progessing! So far So good.
I am an avid smoker and own 3 smokers. Temp is king when it comes to smoking meats. I had an idea of adding a thermometer to the oven. Is this feasible? If so is there a recommned kinf or make?
Or should i just let it go and roll with it?

Welcome to the Brickwood forums!

A thermometer is totally feasible. For smoking you likely have different requirements than most folks, because “flame” applications like pizza get the oven’s temperature measured on the floor. You could look at your smokers and see where the sensing bulb is placed, then plan accordingly.

As for kind, you should consider the hottest possible temperature the oven is capable of reaching, and make sure the unit you purchase will function to that end of the range.

Some folks here have installed thermometers, so I hope this thread will inspire them to share.

Good luck with your planning and your build! And take lots of pictures, of course!