Temperature the next morning

I’m in the process of completing my mattone barile grande. I was wondering for the users with the damper, how hot your oven is the next morning? I was hoping to do pizza at night and bake bread in the morning without relighting a fire.

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Just in general, this is entirely possible with the Mattone Barile design and a damper. The reports I’ve seen are that once your flame is out the oven will cool down to the 350°–400°F range and maintain that into the next day, provided you keep the door on and the damper closed.

It should also be noted that some environmental factors could come into play (cold ambient temps, wind under some circumstances), but you’re building a well-insulated space where heat won’t conduct very well from the inner space to the outer surface.

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Hi all.

Matt gave good advisement. All I can say is the last time I cooked pizza I had it up to 971 degrees. 18 1/2 hours later the oven was at 190 degrees. No lie. Se attached picture. I don’t have a damper or a door yet. Environment will play a roll. That weekend was in the 90’s mo rain.

I would get yourself a thermal gun and just have fun with it and see how your oven performs and cools down.


That’s awesome. Thanks guys.

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I am finding with my new oven with the door on and damper closed the next morning cooled to a bout 190 or less at the ceiling. The weather being fairly mild. My opening is not closed off and I have 4 layers of insulation.


I have the same set up. What is the outside temperature overnight? Do you have the gasket on the door? What is the difference in time between stopping feeding the fire and taking temp the next day? What was the last temp reading you took on the back wall, floor, ceiling, and walls?

I put a traditional oven thermometer dead center in the morning to get a reading. To see if I can cook bread yet. Here it’s in the 60s overnight and, after pizza night, it’s in the high 400s 12 hrs later.

I don’t have a damper yet, but my oven the next morning with the brickwood door and no gasket is at about 150-200 F. the next day. I just closed off the front of the oven last weekend to see if I can get longer heat retention. I do not have the damper yet, but asked my wife to get it for me for Christmas :slight_smile: I plan to alter my door with insulation as well. I lose alot of heat through the floor. I wish I would have added ceramic board under the oven…Too bad now.

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All sounds about right, Chris.

You’re definitely into the swing of it now! :slight_smile: And the nice thing about the damper is that it has moving parts and is very shiny. I hope she sticks a nice red bow on it.

You will like having the damper included in your chimney stack; it makes a big difference in heat retention.

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I got the damper for Christmas…the toys change but still get excited for Christmas presents lol


And it’s all nestled nice and snug in its little cardboard box all ready for you to open it and give it pride of place on your oven. That’s great, Chris! You have a good partner there. :slight_smile:

Unlike almost all of the toys we got as kids, remember to wear leather gloves with this one so you’re not getting some nice New Year’s sutures!

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Where did you get the damper and where did you install it

Dale Leger

Hi Dale, and welcome to the Brickwood forums!

If you are building (or have already built) a Brickwood using one of the kits, the DuraTech vent on top of the chimney is a short double-walled pipe with a spark arrestor and rain cap. You can add a damper section between the base plate and the vent.

DuraTech does not offer the damper as a stock item, but they periodically manufacture them to Brickwood’s specifications. This is where you get the damper.

It is installed by twisting the vent pipe off the base plate, twisting the damper onto the base plate, and then reinstalling the vent on top of the damper. No tools for a simple 5 minute operation, with 2 of those minutes being setting up a short ladder and putting it away again.

As I hinted above, this particular damper is exclusive to Brickwood, and when he runs out of them, he has to accumulate enough orders to be able to procure a pallet’s worth from DuraTech.

Hope this helps. When you get a moment tell us more about your oven if you don’t mind, and thanks!

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Hi all. If you have the Dura Tech chimney pipe and cap, get the damper! Unfortunately for me I was given a similar system from an other manufacturer and they do not make a damper for it. I don’t have the heart to change to Drua Tech because I don’t want to hurt the gifters feelings.