Thanks for all the help. First pizza’s done!

Thank for all the help on the forums. Today was the first pizza night with the oven and it went great! Could not be happier!!

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Wowwww! Way to go Jay!

That looks like a gorgeous outcome and I bet that first pizza tasted especially “scrummy” as our British cousins would say.


Now I can’t wait to finish mine.

Awesome! They look great.

Looks awesome! Great work. So satisfying. Today we made our first pizzas too but it was more of a learning experience than a success. Made a mess trying to get the pizzas onto the peel and into the oven. Ended up keeping them on their aluminum pans but the pans absorbed too much heat and the pizzas didn’t cook right. Those bad boys look perfect though! Congrats!

My very first pizza totally went wrong for me. Made alot of mistakes and I have two pizzas donated to the fire so far. If your using a neapolitan dough I found out to make them on a wooden peel dusted with semolina flour. Not alot of sauce and make them quick. It gets better with more practice. That’s the fun part.

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