The First Layer of Stucco is Cracking

My first layer of stucco is cracking everywhere. Is it okay to move forward with the second layer after 24 hours or should I remove it and start again? Help!!!
Thank you

@BrickWood @bikerbudmatt

After you dampen the first layer of stucco, go ahead and add that second layer. Just make sure you’re not putting fresh / wet stucco on a dry layer of stucco… that will just suck the water / moisture out of the second layer (resulting in more cracking).

As that second layer is curing, you need to keep the stucco moist.

Option 1. You can spritz the stucco every 2 or 3 hours for 2 days

Option 2. You can place damp towels on the stucco, then cover w/ a plastic tarp.

Either method works great for slowing down the curing process and will allow the second layer of stucco to full harden sans cracking.

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Thank you!!!