Thinking about Building an Outdoor Fireplace with a Built-in Pizza Oven. Thoughts?

Curious about fireplaces when outside. How much heat do they really throw out? I imagine that they are identical to inside fireplaces but how much do they vary? I was told building one is not as easy as it looks, but it doesn’t look very complex.

What’s the trick to making a good one?

When building an outdoor fireplace, you have to remember that venting is the primary goal. With a good chimney, you can have a relaxing evening in front of your fire. With regard to heat, you have to be a realist and understand you’re never going to heat your back yard. You will however not be able to sit directly in front of a blazing fire for long. Outdoor fireplaces can supply a great amount of heat and you will feel that it’s too much at time.

Fireplaces do involve a bit of work. They are not difficult by any means and with a good set of plans you can be on your way to a great looking structure.

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