Trimming Firebrick at the Oven Back Wall

Any tips for cutting the pieces for the back of the oven? All the angles and rounded pieces?

Hi Jennifer,

Just a “dirty little secret”: No one is going to see the exterior of the barrel arch, especially in the back, because you are going to cover it with layers of insulation and stucco. So it’s supremely not important to cut beautiful rounded ends that match the curve of the barrel.

However, you do very much want to be sure that you have “angled off” those ends so that they conform roughly to the barrel shape. Otherwise you will have trouble when it comes to the insulating and protective layers.

My advice: Use the miter saw to make simple angle cuts on the brick. Each angle will be a little different, becoming more acute as you reach the top of the back wall. Lay each end brick on the course, mark the approximate angle with a pencil (allowing for mortar underneath), and make the cut at that angle.

You can also do this with an angle grinder, though it will be a bit more difficult because of the brick’s thickness. You don’t have to make a perfect cut, just a relatively smooth one.

Any imperfections will be filled in by the mineral fiber blanket.

Hope this helps!


This was really helpful guidance. Thank you! Back is done!