Turkey in Barile Grande

I am going to do one of our turkeys in the wood fired oven. I have been researching several sites, i believe i have a plan.

  1. Pizza Wednesday night
  2. Add a log when i go to bed, put door on.
  3. Maintain a 450 degree temp on Thursday
  4. take out the coals and place roasting pan in oven, put door on keep damper shut.
  5. Rotate turkey every 20 min

What do you think? Not super cold here lookong at 69 degrees during the day (Also have 3 layers of insulation).
When i add the log at night should i close the damper all the way?


Hi Norm,

That sounds like a great plan. 450 might be a little warm for roasting but you’ll be averaging over a few hours and it will cool down.

I’d keep the damper cracked a bit overnight, because the fire will need oxygen for combustion. You won’t lose a lot of heat as an open oven mouth will pull in lots more cold air.

If you find you’re not at temperature on Thursday morning, you can start one more hot fire early in the day and let it die down. (channeling my grandmother now): and make sure those coals go into a fire-safe receptacle like an ash can!

I’m sure you’ve got this, and I think it’s going to be a very moist and juicy bird when done.

The coals will go into the adjoining fireplace, i will post pictures Wednesday night. I also thought it might be to hot. My oven really keeps it’s heat, i may start at a lower temp.

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Well, it was the best turkey ever! Put it in at 425, left the door off and damper open to try to cool it down. Turned the pan every 10 min. Put the door back on at 375, continued to turn the bird. Took it out, let it rest. Took pictures of it in the oven, totally forgot to take some when it was out :thinking:.

That turkey is a real “tease” in the back of the oven, and my (Pilgrim) hat is off to you, Norm! I hope these photos encourage others to try some of the extended capabilities already built into their BrickWoods. Thank you for sharing, and congratulations on a successful turkey roast.