Used pizza oven stones

i have asked this question else ware on the forum but i need to act fast if i can

i have found 2 used pizza oven stone’s that i could buy.
are they any better that using fire brick?
the size is 24" x 30" and 18" x 30" = 200$
fire brick are 1/4 the price but the stones are less labor
thanks Tom

I’m inclined to advise against it.

You still have to do the insulating and leveling layers in your hearth, which is most of the work involved. The stones obviously aren’t the ceramic ones built for home oven use (which in my experience all crack sooner or later), but if one of them ever failed, you’d be SOL for replacing it because it would be sealed in under the edge of the barrel arch.

The advantage of the brick hearth laid in a herringbone pattern is being able to replace a single brick should it ever be necessary. The only fiddly thing is filling in the points around the edge of the pattern. (And dirty little secret: you just have to do the ones that are an 8th of a brick in area or larger, because the small ones around the edge will be covered by the arch. I’d still do them, but they are only seen along the front edge.)

Hope this helps, Tom!

AHH didn’t think of that, it being under the dome.
good call and cheaper too
man i’m glad i found this site.
thanks for taking the time to answer !!!

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There are lots of folks here who are glad to help, even if it’s just to say “Yep, that’s what I would do (or “did”).” Hope you’ll feel free to ask questions as you move through your project.

oh i will. it takes me awhile to plan, we are covering our rear patio and i want to incorporate the oven in the build, so i’m sure there will be questions