Using a hoe to remove the foam mold

Here is a suggestion on removing the form from the oven. We followed the recommendation of using the cooking oil on the form prior to installation which I think was excellent advice. I began trying to remove the form in pieces which with the wind that day made me think I was working inside of a snow globe because of all the foam beads floating around! After removing about a third of the form I had the idea of sticking a hoe into the form towards the back of the oven and pulling the form forward. The entire form would not come out this way but I discovered that if the hoe was only stuck into a foot that the foot would slide right out. Once both feet were removed a small, flat crow bar caused the remainder of the dome part of the form to fall away. I wish I had thought of this before cutting out any of the foam. It may have come out in one piece. I hope this helps someone else in their quest for that perfect pizza.


This is good advice! I’ll have to take a stab at this when we get to this part!

I didn’t use anything on the foam form. What I did, which worked for me, was after mortaring in the arch I let it sit for a week, because I could only devote weekends to the task. Then I took a rubber mallet and knocked the two legs forward about 1 inch. That way after the back was on there was a gap that I could hook into and pull the legs out. I used a crow bar-the hoe would have been better.

A little gentle prying on the top initially with a putty knife then the crowbar was all that was required to drop it. There is only minimal damage to the form and I could reuse it if I wanted.

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