Using extra layers of ceramic fabric?

If I were to use, say, 3 or 4 layers of ceramic insulation, (or 5 or 6??)
Does the oven reach operating temperature that much faster?
An hour or so waiting is no big deal, but I have access to the material…
Rick in Oregon

*Edit, I did a search and found a similar FAQ.
I’ll probably do an extra layer of blanket, but it will only insulate better, not necessarily heat up any quicker.

I’m doing an extra layer of blanket, but it’s because we live in a colder climate. I’m not expecting the oven to heat up any faster.

I also jumped on the availability of the Dura-Tech dampers when they were announced this month. From my research, it appears that there are three things you can do on the Barile ovens to conserve the heat that your flame will generate:

  1. Add an extra layer of blanket
  2. Close off the mouth of the oven with brick
  3. Add a damper to the exhaust system

I’m planning to do all three. While it’s hit 90°F the past two days in Connecticut, we have snow cover from November to March, and lots of days where the temperature may break freezing. I want to be able to get my oven up to cooking temp in February.

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