Veneer vs. full-size bricks for finishing the oven

I have learned so much from this group thanks for all the contributions.
I will be starting my oven in the next few days.

My question concerns the use of veneer. Is there an advantage to using full dimension brick of the veneer? I guess in my mind full dimension brick creates a larger or thicker thermal mass for better long term heat retention?

Then of course I then think am I over thinking it. The veneer gives you so many possibilities to cover the barrel.

I don’t think full size bricks as veneer would add too much in terms of heat retention. The outside of the stucco shell should be not much warmer than the surrounding air, considering the insulation layer.



I just saw a photo of an oven that a contractor finished that way. It had other problems, but the mortar in the outer shell did not hold up and cracked. It wasn’t pretty.

Again, I can’t say that the full bricks were the problem in themselves, but I have a feeling it contributed.

The mineral fiber insulation is very efficient. It is used in commercial refractories as well as pizza ovens. A two-layer (one box) insulator is good, and a four-layer (two box) blanket is fantastic.

Your internal firebrick lining is your thermal mass. You are unlikely to notice the outer shell getting so much as warm while the oven is in operation.

I’d suggest letting the possibilities of veneer lead you to a creative finish.

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