Veneer vs paint

It’s the end of September in central Indiana and nighttime lows are already in the low 40’s, very close to the low end of being able to use stucco. The point is we are quickly running out of time to finish our oven before it’s too cold to use cement products. We are ready to apply the stucco but haven’t decided on veneer or paint. I’ve read a number of threads on the need to yearly (or at least every few years) repaint stucco. My question is does veneer have any ongoing maintenance issues as painting stucco does? Thanks as always.

Depends on which veneer you use. If it is free-floating vs glued to a matrix, you might find individual pieces working their way loose. Of course, those have to fixed promptly. Or if your veneer has a waterproofing coat it might need to be renewed from time to time.

Overall very minor.

One way or another you must do something before it gets too cold. You can paint it for this winter, then remove the paint to replace it with a veneer finish next spring. Some folks have done that and it’s a good option once it’s too cold for masonry.

Thanks for your response. I believe we have reached the point of needing to seal the oven this year instead of applying a brick or tile veneer. So our plan is to either use the organic sealer or paint now and remove it in the spring. The organic sealer won’t look as nice for this fall but I assume it will be easier to remove come spring. In either case, pizzas aren’t far away. Maybe even a Thanksgiving turkey? Our neighbor is from Guatamala and has used this type of oven for years. She is anxious to get to cooking.

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