Wear a mask when working with silica sand and other masonry materials

Make sure you use a mask when mixing silica sand. That stuff will destroy your lungs.

Sounds like you’ve had some experience with that, Carlos. Could you say a little more?

One of my buddies owns a plastering/painting business. His lungs are really messed up, turns out its something called silicosis. There is currently no cure for it, once you’ve messed up your lungs that way you’ll suffer and your lifespan is greatly shortened…worse than smokers lung. And BTW, a t-shirt isn’t enough…silica is so tiny that only an n-95/respirator or equivalent will prevent damage. Another thing that helps is starting out your mud-bucket or mixer with water in in it to minimize aerosolization of the silica.

Very sorry to hear about your friend. As we are sadly experiencing all around us, lungs are only replaceable in the very rarest of circumstances. Thank you for sharing your experience.