"Weatherproofing" your investment on a budget

Living in the northeast, what measures do I need to take to properly weatherproof my oven? Trying to keep within a budget, I know the easy answer is build up your base oven and put a roof over it to minimize the amount of water on the Cupola / dome.

How well is the oven protected (mainly from moisture) if it is properly insulated with an exterior brick or stucco layer?

We are in the rainy NorthWest, so we are pretty up-to-date on the best weatherproofing methods.

You’ll want to seal your oven with an ORGANIC Masonry Sealer to help repel water (and stains) - This is a low-cost, first-step when “weatherproofing your investment on a budget”.


The best way to WEATHERPROOF your oven is to simply cover the oven with a thick, clear piece of plastic sheeting. This can be purchased at most Mom & Pop / local hardware stores - for about $10. It keeps all the moisture out - nice and dry inside.

To the second part of your question - Applying several layers of paint on the stucco is an excellent way to seal a portion of the oven, but keep in mind, as long as there is exposed masonry, there is an opening for moisture. If masonry gets wet, it will act like a sponge and soak-up the water (wicking).

So unless you can afford a custom made cover for your oven (every BrickWood Oven is different - so we don’t offer covers), plastic sheeting / tarp is the least expensive (and very effective) way to weatherproof your oven.