Wet Pour 36” Cupola

Pour the 36” Cupola oven dome this past weekend. I had to do it all alone. Hand tub mixing wasn’t in the cards. I tried for the first two bags. It what a mess. I resorted to the mixer, one bag at a time for a total of 11 bags. I’d say half the bags were mixed near the consistency of the instructions and half were more wet, like normal mix, but still easily suspend the fibers without them settling. Everything seemed to go quite well all things considered. Temp was about 60 degrees and it’s bee in the 50’s since with 40’s at night.
What should I be looking for if anything? Should I let it cure longer than 6 days?

Hey, welcome back!

Yes, hand tub mixing for that many bags would be a real workout; glad you got the mixer going. Your ambient temperatures sound like they are fine for a normal cure. The mix will generate some heat of its own as it cures, so you should be fine as long as you’re not dipping below freezing (and with a couple days’ curing behind you already that would be less of a factor).

In my opinion I don’t think you need to extend curing time beyond the 6 days called for.

Glad to be back! It sure has been a protracted project for me but it’s on a roll now. There will be pizza this summer…
I’m building a wood fired sauna at the same time. I’ll try to post a photo of both.
We’re definitely past any below freezing temps here so I’m optimistic too on the cure.


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Tim, it looks like your oven pour went fine! We’ve had some beautiful days here in New England for building as well, though the weather will be turning tonight (because it always does here).

Thanks for the photo!

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