What did you cook over the holiday weekend?

Yes, we grilled sausages on the Tuscan grill this Fourth of July weekend, because that’s just traditional.

But on July 4, it was Pork Saltimbocca, and believe me, the Mattone Barile is an awesome oven for a hot and wild ride for these pork tenderloins! The “browning flame” becomes a roasting flame to cook them to perfection; what I can’t show you is the second pan with sliced Bell peppers because my hands were too full to juggle the camera.

It reminded me once again that these are full-service appliances. If you’re “just” baking pizzas, you’re missing out on a world of good eating.

Preheating the pan at 850°F.

Browning the saltimbocca—pork tenderloin wrapped in garlic, sage, and prosciutto

Flames did their work. So nice that the splatters from the pan are self-cleaning.

18 lbs brisket from snake river farms in my Brickwood Box :slight_smile:
And cured salmon because might as well stick something else in when fired up for 13 hours :).

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