What is the recommended size Mattone Cupola for an average backyard? 28" or 36"?

What’s the recommended size of Mattone Cupola for a killer backyard oven?

I don’t want it too small when trying to cook 4-10 pies at one time.

Or do smaller pies work better than 12’’ pizzas that i cook now?

I need some guidance on what size to build and how it all works. I want to make sure I have plenty of room to cook pizza and have the right amount embers in the oven

Thanks for the help -

The 28" Mattone Cupola is a great size oven for entertaining around 15 - 20 people. This gives you time to make plenty of pizza before refiring the oven (reheating the oven to 900°). Pizzas cook in 90 - 120 seconds, so you can bake them faster then you friends and family can make them…

Unless you plan on entertaining more than 25 people on a frequent / regular basis - then the 28" Mattone Cupola is all the dome oven you need.