What kind of paint for stucco?

hey guys! almost done with the stucco work.

specifically what kind of paint do I need to use to seal the stucco? are there any toxic/non-toxic concerns etc. i should be aware of? thanks

For stucco, the best type of paint is acrylic, masonry, or elastomeric paint. These paints adhere best to the stucco. Others may bubble or peel over time. Elastomeric is more expensive but, it actually forms a waterproof seal. However it is harder to work with. Share pictures when you get a chance.


A good outdoor deck or concrete latex paint will do the trick. As Norm says, there are other choices. The important thing is to do two coats, because stucco is a bit tricky to paint, and to make sure you have a good seal at all the edges. This should be done at one end or the other of each cooking season, and you’ll find that the protection just gets better with each coat—as it should!