What needs to be done to enclose the front?

What needs to be done to close the front of the oven 17 x 15.
So I was wanting to use the oven soon and I know to close the front it would take another month or so. I realized that soot will go up the front of the oven, seen from pics and video from the forum.
So my question is do I need to remove the soot and how do I do it. Not ready for the architectural part of it as I am still knocking around ideas.

Hi Johnny,

Your question got lodged in one of the forum cracks where we couldn’t see it easily; sorry we overlooked it! I’ll give you a brief response, though I know you’ve moved on:

When you are ready to close the front, you should remove the soot. @BrickWood knows more about it than me in terms of the right products to use.

You will want to incorporate that front closure into the rest of your oven. So, when you add the face, trim the bricks to the original shape of the arch (not the stucco). Then wrap a run of chicken wire across the face—you can use a heavy-duty stapler to attach it to the original stucco. Apply a scratch coat, trim away the excess chicken wire, apply finish coats, and you’re done.

If you are holding off on the veneer, this will allow you to do the barrel veneer in one job instead of trying to match original to new. Remember that if you use paint to weatherproof your original stucco (and you will need to weatherproof it if you’re not veneering it now), you need to strip it off before you apply stucco over it. The stucco will not adhere well otherwise.

Good luck!

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If their is a light amount of soot - use Acetone and a hard bristle brush. This will SAFELY remove most of the soot from the brick. And will instantly melt any remaining foam.

If you have heavy soot, AND you will not see the area you are about to clean once you enclose your oven… use an angle griner to remove about 1/16" of face off the brick w/ soot. This will give you a clean masonry surface to attach the new brick / mortar. You only need to TAP the old / soot brick. DO. NOT. GO. CRAZY.

If you just want to give her a good cleaning w/out the angle grinder - use ACID MAGIC. Keep in mind, you will need to soak the brick prior to using… and after using the Acid Magic as the acid will strip the color out of the brick faster-than-fast! So once the acid is applied - you can only let it set for 5 seconds MAX! Then soak the area w/ clean water. But this will clean the brick soot-free!

Thank you
I am about three weeks from completion. Will post pics soon.

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To get soot off I have had luck using cream of tartar mixing it with water to make a paste. Brush is on with a hard brush. Let it sit for like 5 minutes. Then wipe off with a clean wet cloth. Repeat if necessary.

I cheated. I put a veneer of hard-glazed tile on the front of my oven, and now soot washes off with hot water and a sponge.