What's the difference between the BrickWood Oven 28" Cupola and Forno Bravo's Giardino 70 oven?

I just noticed that Brickwood Ovens has an oven similar to forno bravo giardino-70. I was about to buy a forno, but the similar Brickwood oven is a lot less money - which is good on a teachers budget. Other than the obvious price difference, what is the biggest difference between the brands? I’m flipping back and forth and not seeing a big difference in dimensions or kits. An inch or two different here and there; but nothing earth shattering to justify the price difference.


Hello DiverDown71,

Great Question! There are about 474 differences between our 28" Mattone Cupola (Package 1) and Forno’s Giardino70 model.

470 of those differences have a picture of George Washington on them. The other 4 are…

  1. Our 28" Mattone Cupola has 2.5" thick walls (up to 4.25" at the ceiling)… the Giardino has 1.5" thick walls.

  2. Our Cupola kit comes with a Double-Wall, Stainless Steel, Top-of-the-Line DuraTech Exhaust Kit with 12" Pipe and Spark Arrestor. Their kit… uh… no. Not even close. We spend the extra bucks to send you the Caddy of exhaust kits… not a clay pipe!

  3. We provide all the necessary cooking utensils to cook foods and clean your oven (Pizza Peel, Brush Combo and Peel Rack). Forno? No. No utensils are included. So be sure to add the cost of buying cooking utensils to the total cost of their oven package. That’s about another $70.

  4. We always include FREE SHIPPING!

The dimensions between the 28" Cupola and the Forno (and most 28" - 30" oven brands) are all pretty similar as you pointed out. But that’s were the similarities end since our 28" oven kits save the average customer $400 - $500 in savings (and don’t forget those oven accessories we include with your package).

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