Where is my Ceramic Fiber Blanket? Do deliveries occur on different days?

Depending on what products you ordered, the delivery dates of each item may vary as several products are drop-shipped from the manufacturer. Since we work with regional manufacturers & distributors, our delivery date and their delivery date may differ.

If your order contains a Ceramic Fiber Blanket, your blanket may arrive a few days before or a few days AFTER your BrickWood Ovens order arrives.

If your order contains refractory materials like Firebrick, Castable Refractory &/or Refractory Mortar, this portion of your order will arrive via a LOCAL freight carrier. The freight carrier will call you 1 day prior to delivery to provide you with an estimated delivery time.

Make sure you provide the freight carrier with any important information like Gate Codes or other info they may need prior to delivery.