Which direction do I position the front of the oven in a High-Wind Area (Coastal Town)

I saw the recommended oven placement for wind is to the opening of the oven, but I live in a coastal town with winds of 20 - 25 mph in spring and summer that are constant. Will this effect the use of the oven with winds of that speed?

We’ve had several customers tell us that their ovens were much hotter (and their fire much fuller / bigger) when a good wind blew into the oven. That blast of fresh oxygen can really get a fire going!

At one time, we did recommend building your oven so the back of the oven is facing the oncoming wind. Now - we tell our customers to build their ovens facing in the direction that looks best in their backyard as a light wind gust is such a small issue to a wood-fired pizza oven. The occasional breeze shouldn’t dictate the placement / direction of your family’s pizza oven and it shouldn’t offset the feng shui of your backyard.

If it’s a constant wind… You might consider building your oven so the back of the oven faces the oncoming wind direction. Or at least angle it so the majority of the front of the oven is somewhat protected by the body of the oven.