Which oven should I purchase if I want to bake bread for a local Farmers Market?

Q: I’m looking for a wood-fired bread oven, to be able to bake bread and sell at the local farmers market. I would like to be able to bake about 60 loaves of bread in a day. What oven would you suggest? This oven will be an outdoor oven but would be undercover to keep the snow and rain off. Are your ovens good for baking bread or is it just pizza?

A: If you are looking to bake 60 loafs of bread a day, you will need a dome oven (Mattone Cupola) that is at least 36” or larger. That is the only oven that will work – our other ovens are not designed for that type of daily workload, but the Cupolas are.

If you are going to be baking 60 loafs a day – for several days straight I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you purchase our 46” oven. It’s big… but it will hold a LOT of loafs. So instead of baking 6 – 8 loafs at a time, you will be able to bake 12 – 14, and that will free up a lot of your time. And since the Cupola ovens stay hot for a very long time, reheating the oven the next day is a snap.

I would also recommend that you wrap the oven with 4 layers of ceramic fiber blanket (your oven will stay hotter longer and you will use less firewood when heating the oven over long periods of bake time).