Why do you recommend chicken wire instead of metal lath? Isn't metal lath better?

It costs more, so it must be better right? That’s not always the case…

The reason we recommend inexpensive Galvanized Chicken wire (or poultry netting) is threefold.

  1. Chicken Wire holds the blanket firmly against the the oven while you apply the first stucco layer.

  2. Chicken wire supports the stucco as it is being applied over the blanket.

  3. You can easily shape the chicken wire by shaping it into place (like bending a paper clip). Simply stick your fingers into each opening and squeeze the wire into shape. The tighter you squeeze, the tighter the chicken wire gets around the blanket!

NOTE: DO NOT use plastic chicken wire (plastic and heat do not play well together).

So why do we dislike metal lath? Metal late is not user friendly… it’s not pliable… and you can’t simply press it into shape by squeezing or bending the wire.


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