Why is there such a price jump between the 28" and the 36", 40" and 46"?

Great question! It does seem odd doesn’t it.

Actually, it all boils down to freight and the high cost associated with it. Our 36", 40" and 46" oven forms are too large to be shipped via FedEx Ground… so these forms get to ride in a freight truck to your destination.

The 28" on the other hand is just the right size to travel on a lower-cost FedEx Ground truck. In fact, we used every square inch allowed by FedEx Ground when designing our 28" Mattone Cupola. If it were 1 square inch larger, it would have to be shipped via Freight Class.

So instead of charging more for the 28" and pocketing the difference, we pass the savings on to you! How nice is that!

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How many and what sized pizzas fit in the 28” and 36” respectively?