Will Sairset mortar work on a brick oven?

Hi, i was able to pick up some Sariset mortor real cheap (see description below), and i wanted to know what peoples thoughts are on using this mix as I have heard mixed reviews on this type of peoject. I am also slightly concerned about the age as this is likely older than 180 days which is the recommended shelf life, though the packaging and everything seems to be in order.

Hey Bill - I cover Sairset in our BrickWood Box instructions, but I still have to carry it over to the Mattone Barile Series Installation Instructions 2.0.

In a word… a large word… and that large word is also in Italic, Bold, Red and Underlined… NO!!!

Wet / Premixed Sairset DOES NOT work on our fire brick pizza oven models. You need to use a dry, factory made high temperature mortar… or homemade high temperature mortar… but it just needs to be a dry mortar.

Even if this was otherwise an approved material for the oven, I would suggest that using a premix material you know is out of date is a false economy. The packaging is going to look fine long after the material inside has started to break down.

For your structural work, I think it’s a losing wager to hope that outdated or sketchy materials are going to hold a brick arch together.

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Do you all have any thoughts on using the sariset mix as an extra layer on top of the bricks before I stick down the ceramic blanket? Im just thinking if there is any use for the mortor, such as extra insulation, or if I should just consider it a wash.


Hang onto it.

It won’t offer any additional insulation or protection benefits if it’s smeared onto the oven - but you may need it later on down the road and not have it.

Just hang onto it for the time being… Once you are 100% officially done w/ your oven - then you can toss it.