Built In Gas or Propane Ideas

Hi everyone. I have done a few searches and I haven’t seen anything on here that is newer or giving me the ideas I am looking for. I have seen a few people adding gas or propane burners to their oven. I am looking at building an oven and I am thinking of making sure I have the ability to add 1 or 2 propane burners to the oven and want to give it a clean built in look. I am hoping some people have some good photos or ideas that I can build from and get a better idea where to start. I understand Ward Burners are recommended but they have so many various models, etc. Any help would be great!

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I’d start with this post:

@PizzaBob did it right, and for your installation where you have no-burn days (which was in a similar post) this would be a good standalone. He also specifies which model he used and how it was installed.

Yes, Ward Burners are a known quantity for us, and so I’d feel comfortable recommending them after seeing folks here obtaining good results with them.

Take a look and come back to this thread so we can talk it out!

Thanks for the post. I did actually read through that one before I posted. I guess I am looking for a more permanent built in solution, so that it’s always ready for either fuel type. I do think that one they did looks great with that custom door though! I was just hoping to do something where you don’t see anything from the outside and it’s all more permanent…knowing of course there will be a need for service and such. I am unsure if I would only need a single burner or dual burners, etc? Maybe have dual for extra heat but only if you want, I am also considering making it where it has an spark igniter.

Yes, that one is a retrofit. But he does have either fuel at his fingertips.

If you plan ahead, you can locate the propane tank in the cavity formed by the base walls and the hearth slab. Locate an opening in the hearth (most likely by using a pipe as a placeholder while you are building), and locate your burner controls on the outside of the oven, or toward the front of the base cavity (you’ll need easy access to those).

Those who have retrofitted have a better idea of what you would need to do than I. But the process should be straightforward, and everyone who has done this seemed happy with the outcome.

Thank you again. From what I have seen on here, is the recommended placement near the back on the bottom of the side or the actual floor? The floor I can see the issue with ashes falling into it without having some sort of cover over the burner for when wood was being used. Or would there be other places that it should be? What if there were multiple burners? We have been looking at the photos on the site of various ovens so I am not sure the exact size we are doing yet, but I am leaning more towards the Barille Grande since it’s not a lot more material and we have the space.

Again, I’m going to leave that to @BrickWood and others to make recommendations. From what I’ve gleaned (and I’m probably in a position similar to you!), the floor seems to work out fine. I’d think the same brass bristle brush that you use for cleaning the floor could be run lightly over the burner gas vents before you start up.

As for oven, I built a Barile Grande and have never regretted it. If you have the space, I’d do that without a second thought.

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I have retro fitted my Barile Grande with a propane gas supply to a Ward burner. The result has been quite successful.

That looks great! Would you mind sharing the model of the burner you used from them please? I am thinking I could simply build it in from the start.

I believe it is the Ward 100. If you call them, they will recommend the proper size. They were very helpful.