Cutting Firebrick

What’s the secret to cutting firebrick? I’ve tried just about everything. I can’t find a saw blade with the correct arbor and blade size. I e tried the black grinding blade style and it barely put a dent in it.

Advice. Guidance. Appreciated.

Got it. Finally! Chop saw. And Dewalt diamond tip blade.

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Yes, that’s the right tool for cutting ends or faces of entire bricks.

Keep your grinder rigged up for small cuts like notches. I also had no luck with a masonry disc because firebrick is too dense. A diamond wheel is much better and lasts a long time. Definitely requires work on your part though.

You are right Chop saw with diamond blade, saves a lot of time.

They cut better when they are wet (soaked) and with a water saw.

Agree for sure on soaking. I believe you use the tool you have—a masonry saw is great for this, and a miter or chop saw with the diamond blade is also great.

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