Selling your BrickWood Ovens Kit

A family member bought us a pizza oven kit for a Christmas present a while ago, but the task is too big and we haven’t found a contractor willing and able to build it. Do you buy back kit pieces, such as the chimney or doors, or even the entire kit?

The #1 way to move the kit is to put it on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

The #2 option is Ebay (but try option 1 first so you don’t have to pay for shipping).

Simply go to our store / website and locate your EXACT kit… then COPY that page from our store site.

PASTE / place the kit info and images on Craigslist &/or Facebook Marketplace and sell the kit for a few dollars less than we do (so people know they are getting a deal).

You’ll sell the kit in no time!

When putting the kit on FB or CL – charge a few bucks less than us, and you should be able to sell it pretty quickly.

Make sure you put “BrickWood Ovens” and your closest largest city in the product title so it will be visible on search engines of customers searching in your area.

BrickWood Ovens DIY Pizza Oven Kit for sale in Seattle
BrickWood Ovens DIY pizza oven kit for sale in Dallas
BrickWood Ovens DIY pizza oven kit for sale in Atlanta

Be sure to include a link to download the instructions – they are mind-blowingly detailed and people will see just how easy it is to build!