Stucco mix choices



Stucco mix ,
I’m looking for advice on the stucco I have two options available near me and one is waterproof, and affordable, please give me your opinion’s
Thanks, Steve

You can use either of those, and I’d also add that if you have QuiKrete Type S mortar mix (which they lately are calling “Mason Mix”), it is less expensive than either of those.

The waterproofing nature of the Akona product might be marginally more useful, but you are applying a waterproofing deck paint over the top of the stucco anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

I’d go for any of these that are available to you. “Stucco” in this application is meant to add a hard outer shell to protect all that insulation inside, and any of these will do that.

Long three months
I’m happy with the results , thanks for your help talking me through

That is one fine-looking oven! Congratulations!

Your work on the stucco looks great, and I really admire the stonework underneath. That’s what will set your build apart from any other on the planet.

Of course…when the time comes, we’re going to want to see pictures of your oven in action, so please do share them along with your cooking experiences.

You persisted and worked out each wrinkle, and I was happy to help.

Metal lath to shape harbor freight texture gun to spray , works great , I hope this helps others with their build

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Awesome stuff! Harbor Freight is an indispensable source for some of these tools. I don’t know how many hours (and rental dollars) I saved by purchasing their concrete mixer. I probably also lost a few hours assembling it, but once it was finally working it was a champ.

Thanks for allowing us to journey through your build, and looking forward to your first firings.

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